Muse app beta: A deeper look

by Josh Dibble18 Jun, 2019← Back To Blog
Lots has happened here at Muse in the first half of 2019. We’ve hit a massive milestone and just announced the launch of our beta and are releasing it in waves to a number of testers over the coming months whilst we build the remaining features of our core platform. Below is a deeper insight into what our beta contains.
In short...
We are building an app to hold all your business finances in one place. We want to give you a comprehensive view of your cash position, help you gain transparent and fair financing and we tie it all together with a business current account.
Our closed beta has just launched with the cash flow forecasting and invoice financing tools, but what does this actually mean for our users?
Accounting package sync
Once you’ve registered an account with us you move through to connecting up your company accounts. We have integrations with all the major accounting packages which allows us to gain a financial understanding of your business. It's a super simple process where you simply have to log in using your usual details.
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This part is vital for our app and helps ensure we are as informed as we can be about your business!
Cash flow forecasting
With the data we get from your accounting package, we build an intuitive cash flow forecast spanning the next 30 days. This is your dashboard, the life blood of your business and it is the centre point of our app.
Cash flow
We are constantly working to bring more data into the cash flow and make it more intelligent as time goes on. We want to make sure it as useful as it can be for your business.
Invoice financing
Below the forecast we display a list of all your company’s invoices, both in and out. You can see what you’re due to pay, and how much you might be owed.
From here, you can choose to sell us an invoice from directly within the app and specify where you want it to be paid. This frees up the cash from an invoice which might have taken weeks to get paid!
Invoice Finance
This feature is still being tested as we continually develop and streamline the process to make financing easier and more seamless for your business.
The future...
We are already hard at work creating the integrations to your existing bank accounts. This will allow us to retrieve your current balance and also display all your transactions. This helps you see where you’re spending from within our app and gives a more complete view of your cash position. This means a more accurate forecast and less apps to manage your finances.
We are currently raising capital to build our own business current account functionality. This is the final piece to tie our core platform together before our full release! Don’t forget, if you would like to be a beta tester you can sign up here and we will be in touch with you!
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