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by Ali Steed26 Jun, 2019← Back To Blog
If you have spotted our dinosaurs in and around London for the last six weeks, you have been witnessing the evolution of business finance in action! They are the Muse #digitaldinos, and they have been raising awareness of how pre-historic the existing business services from traditional banks are.
Muse digital dinos 2
Small business owners worldwide spend an average of 146 days on business administration according to data from Sage. The overall cost to Britain’s 5.7m SMEs of just dealing with payment processing, invoices and chasing late payments is a gigantic £76.6 billion a year – enough to make many businesses extinct! Yet the services previously available to help SMEs cut through this bone-crushing admin were pitiful.
Which is why we created Muse.
Muse is like a digital asteroid which will show why existing business finance products deserve to be in an ice age. We are making a big bang to start the evolution for SMEs, where they get to flourish and grow their business as we remove the weight of admin and late payments that holds them back.
Having to stand in line at the bank to deal with your business finances is out of the stone age. Muse brings businesses into the digital age, where small business owners can check their cash flow and access invoice financing to take away the pain of late payments at the touch of a button on their smartphones, securely from anywhere in the world.
Muse digital dinos 3
So, if you want to take your business forwards and be more Star Wars than Flintstones in your approach, sign up now to get your hands on the Beta version of our app and become an early adopter. You can register your interest here.
If you want to get on board as an investor, then please get in touch here.
Don’t keep your business in the stone age, follow our #digitaldinos and start your business evolution with Muse.
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