by Josh Dibble01 Aug, 2019← Back To Blog
Wondering what the roar is all about? Wondering why there are dinosaurs roaming the streets of London? Wondering why it takes up to 6 weeks to open a business bank account?
Unfortunately, we can only answer the first two questions. We are also astounded at the time it can take open a business bank account, and the (lack of) speed banks seem to exhibit. Traditional banks are digital dinosaurs and it’s time for a banking evolution!
We sent an army of digital dinos to the four corners of London to protest the prehistoric processes of the past. Muse is putting a stop to the stone age by building an app which can handle all your businesses finances in one place. All your banking needs, all your cash flow needs and an in-house financing facility should you need some cash.
There is no need to wait in line at the bank anymore, you can access it straight through your phone! Muse is currently in beta and is inviting users to test the app. If you’re interested, please sign up here and we will be in contact with download details.
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