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Muse helps you maintain financial control so your business can thrive

To run a successful business, you need to know when you can afford to make a critical hire, buy more inventory or invest in equipment. Cash is king (or queen!), and if you don’t know exactly what is going out or coming in then you can’t make informed decisions.

Muse paints a real-time, easy-to-understand picture of your financial situation. It provides the insights and tools required to make informed decisions and can help bridge any short-term cash flow gaps so your business can run smoothly. In only a few minutes you can securely connect to your accounting package, bank accounts and credit cards to bring your own financial data to life.

Muse was designed by entrepreneurs - not accountants – so Muse inherently understands the need to minimise administrative headaches and maintain business control - all while maximising the time available so you can focus on what you love.

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Which business types can benefit from Muse?
Muse helps small and medium-sized businesses thrive across a wide variety of industries:
Service Providers
Higher Education
Life Sciences
Public Sector
Muse in action:
The NHS cleaning service provider
The software consultant
The florist
How it works
Three simple steps to help your business thrive:
Download the Muse app on your smartphone and connect Muse to your online accounting package, bank accounts and credit cards.
View current and projected finances
Muse clearly organizes all your incoming and outgoing payments and outstanding invoices in the Cashflow Dashboard to get a clear picture of what is due or incoming over the next month. You can also view real-time balances and your full cash position across all your bank accounts and credit cards in the Banking Dashboard.
Bridge cash shortfalls
See exactly when invoices are expected to be paid and potential cash shortfall periods. Sell invoices directly from the Muse app to receive the funds you need to cover any potential roadblocks ahead in your road to success.
Spend more time doing what you love - and help your business thrive.
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Muse offers business owners a range of benefits, such as:
of exactly where things stand through a complete, at-a-glance view of your current and projected financial picture.
into what may happen with your cashflow over the next 30 days.
to identify time periods where the business might be short on cash and attractive solutions for bridging any potential gaps.
over your finances and your business’ future.
in knowing you can make informed decisions about day-to-day operations and long-term investments.
to spend less time on admin and more time on what you love.
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Bridge short-term cashflow gaps with Muse

Muse understands the need for small businesses to access easy and affordable alternative finance. That’s why Muse connects you with one of our invoice finance partners directly within the app, who will buy and pay you for your outstanding invoices for a small fee.

Here’s how it works:

  • Understand any potential shortfalls: The Cashflow Dashboard highlights periods of potential cash shortfalls.
  • Decide how much cash to generate: Muse displays all outstanding invoices and highlights those you want to sell.
  • Sell an invoice: Select and sell individual invoices in just a few clicks directly from the app.
  • Receive cash: After a quick approval, a partner of Muse will buy the invoice and transfer the cash* to your bank account; Muse also marks the invoice as paid in the app.
  • Automatically balance: When your debtor pays the invoice, the remaining balance minus the Muse handling fee**, is transferred to your bank account.
*the initial transfer will be roughly 80% of the invoice value
**total fees will not exceed the remaining 20% held from the initial payment
Muse in Action
The NHS cleaning service provider
Tracey provides cleaning services to NHS-run hospitals, doctor’s offices, surgery centres and clinics.
See How Muse helped Tracey
The software consultant
Carlos provides advice to companies on software solutions and offers custom development.
See How Muse Helped Carlos
The florist
Julie has several contracts to supply fresh floral arrangements to local office buildings and events.
See How Muse helped Julie
Why Muse?

Muse was created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. We understand that while financial management is essential to business success, it can distract you from you doing what you love and the reasons you went into business in the first place.

Muse empowers business owners to maintain their focus on what they love by providing both the peace of mind that comes with knowing their short-term financial position and the insights and tools to control it.

Today, Muse is a team of experienced and skilled business entrepreneurs, dedicated to delivering a high-quality product (which is continually evolving based on user feedback) and the first-class service entrepreneurs deserve.

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